The romantic in us can manifest itself in an entire house of dreamy romance, or be delegated to various parts of the house, such as the boudoir or powder rooms.

Romantic elements can even exist in simple little elements within the Scheme of most rooms. A darling Colonial or Early American room of rustic furniture, wood floors can have a darling collection of velvet pillows rimmed in satin ruching and little tapestry insets. Maybe it appears in a collection of lavish silk curtains pooled on the floor of a room. Romance can be an important element in any design scheme.


How to Create Romantic Rooms

  • Reflect each individual’s life or hobbies to create romantic rooms. Make the space personal and special to both partners.
  • Comfortable seating is essential. Choose from stylish, restful sofas and chairs and, in the bedroom, a good quality chaise or lavish stuffed chair with soft cushions.
  • Eat together. Have a table readily available and at centre stage for those romantic meals.
  • Keep a beautiful fresh vase of flowers on it, or as a focal point elsewhere, as often as possible.
  • Momentos, antique photos and post cards, old battered suitcases and hatboxes as storage, tables and decor.
  • skirted furniture. A simple piece of tag sale furniture becomes romantic with a coordinating fabric to its upholster, simpy tacked to cover its legs, a hammer and upholstery nails are all it takes


Even a more modern Boudoir chair, such as this could fit comfortably in a modern or mid-century modern living room. Romance does not have to be cluttered or overstuffed.

Romantic Bedroom of British Star Diana Dors

This may seem over the top, and surely it is, but there could be some fun pointers to take from it Perhaps if the pelmets/cornices were not gathered but in fact sold wood covered in a pink fabric. One could introduce more grey into the palette, as on the walls and dressers and maybe have the curtain pelmet/cornices be of a sold wood covered in wool suiting flannel and put the same fabric on the shades. I think a palette of pink and grey very vintage and also very today.