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Welcome to the Apron Revolution. Many of you know me as "50's gal" and my life changed when I decided to time travel and live with my hubby in 1955. That moment changed my life forever and through my blog and now my website I am sharing what I learn and experience. I think by keeping our eyes to the past, no matter to what level you would like to live a Vintage life, we can make a better future by learning and encompasing that past. READ MORE...


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My book, still in the making. It will be availabe both as an e-book and a good ole' fashioned hands on book.







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Here we share vintage wisdom from old magazines and books for you and your home, family, and garden.

For chipped Spots on the Range and Refrigerator: Mrs. Walter A. Hoffman of Jenson Beach, FLA., dabs on a misture of clear nail polish and finely ground zinc white (available at hardware stores). Covers well, she reports. -1956 Magazine

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